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Warhol on Climate Change
A short film by Kris 'Curtiz' De Meester

"Warhol on Climate Change" is short film that plunges viewers into an artistic alienation, capturing the enigmatic essence of Warhol's perspective on the pressing issue of climate change. Set against the vibrant backdrop of a bustling New York street, the film weaves abstract images of Warhol himself with the city's dynamic rhythms. Through a blend of fragmented visuals and dreamlike sequences, the film portrays Warhol as an observer of nature's metamorphosis in the face of environmental upheaval. As the city pulses with life, Warhol's detached yet profound gaze highlights the juxtaposition between urban vivacity and the imperceptible shifts occurring within the natural world.

Created by Kris De Meester

Music by Jlu

Duration: 2 minutes

Format: Mov, 1080 x 1080

Language: English spoken.

Trigger Warning: This films contains flashing images that may cause discomfort or trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Screenings & exhibitions: Art Speaks Out @ COP 28 - United Nations Climate Change Conference 2023, Signes de Nuit Paris (France, world premiere), KUL Integrated Regenerative Design (Ghent & Brussels, Belgium), Festival internazionale Segni della notte  (Urbino, Italy)

Artist Statement:

"Warhol on Climate Change" is an exploration of the surreal and abstract, channeling the spirit of Warhol to shed light on the intricate dance between humanity and the changing climate. The film aims to create a sensory experience that transcends conventional storytelling, plunging the audience into a visual journey where the boundaries between reality and art blur. Through fragmented imagery and disjointed sequences, I intend to evoke a sense of disconnection, much like Warhol's own perspective on contemporary culture. By juxtaposing Warhol's iconic presence with the transient essence of a shifting environment, I seek to provoke thought about the impermanence of both artistic expression and the natural world. The film is a contemplative ode to the enigmatic relationship between human creation and the evolving planet, inviting viewers to ponder the intersection of art, humanity, and the environment in a way that only Warhol could envision.

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