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Non Person
A short documentary film by Kris De Meester


Filip, a seasoned artist in his sixties, has spent most of his life hiding his true self, haunted by a troubled childhood. He describes himself as a 'non person', merely existing, pleasing others, and evading reality, trapped in a facade. However, as he confronts his past, Filip embarks on a journey of self-discovery, finally embracing his authentic identity after six decades of suppression. Through introspection and acceptance, he begins to unravel the layers of his true essence, marking a profound transformation in his life.

Written & Directed by Kris De Meester

Produced by Filip Rottiers, Kris De Meester, Maarten Cornelis

Co-Written by Anna Compernol

Score: Uma Buyse

Duration: 7,5 minutes

Format: Mov, 1920 x 1080

Dutch spoken, English subtitled

Festivals: 18th Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival (October, Greece), 59th Dimitria Arts Festival (October, Greece), World Premiere @ Velvet Room (May, Belgium), Cannes International Film Week (May, France), Obskuur Film Festival (October, Belgium), Doc.Berlin Documentary Film Festival (December, Belgium), Lisbon Film Rendezvous (December, Portugal), Pune Short Film Festival (June, India), Stockholm City Film Festival (June, Sweden).

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