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Arthouse Film Producer Kris De Meester

As a producer I've worked on dozens of award-winning independent films to date. Such include "Little Wing", "Vessel", "Share with me Your Brightest Colors", "Menthol", and "All About the Feathers"... and of course "Four Roses" and "Johnny Walker". In recent years, I've joined Hal Hartley as an executive producer in the production of the feature film “Where to Land” that has yet to be released.

My producers credits include:

  • Where to Land by Hal Hartley

  • Little Wing by Selma Vilhunen

  • Menthol by Micah Van Hove

  • Drawdown by Jake Triola

  • Por las plumas by Ernesto Villalobos

  • Bare Romance by Karel Tuytschaever

  • Johnny Walker by Kris De Meester

  • Four Roses by Kris De Meester

  • Smothered by Mieke Daneels

  • Fan Club by Eva Alfhild Jonsson

  • The Hunters by Luis Enrique Vanegas

  • Luz: The Flower of Evil by Juan Diego Escobar Alzate

  • Fairytales for the Fatherless by Danny Ward

  • Vessel by Adam Ciancio

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