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I Killed You a Dozen Times
An art project by Kris 'Curtiz' De Meester

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I killed you a dozen times, but you won’t go away. Maybe it’s because you’ve killed me first. Out in the cold, on a strange new globe. 

"I Killed You a Dozen Times" immerses viewers in a captivating exploration of the aftermath of a traumatic breakup. The protagonist, driven to erase the other person from their existence, finds themselves exiled to a chilling and unfamiliar realm. As they confront the relentless echoes of their pain, the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, creating a surreal and introspective experience. Through mesmerizing video and mixed media art, this project delves into the depths of loss, unveiling the lingering emotional reverberations that shape our lives long after love is lost.

'I Killed You a Dozen Times' combines a short film/video installation with a series of original Polaroid based collage mixed media pieces.

Review by Shane McKevitt:

I Killed You a Dozen Times utilizes its title as a refrain, spoken by the narrator, as they bemoan a fruitless relationship. The film plays with the audience’s senses, both audibly and visually, keeping them constantly on edge. The camera voyeuristically passes over partially clothed women, lying motionless on the floor. The women, exposed and fragile, are a visualization of the emotional toll endured by the narrator.

Moreover, the soundtrack emits a constant whirr, creating a palpable tension that’s never broken. Again, this mirrors the narrator’s perpetual, unanswered inquiry into why. All in all, the film exhibits an equal parts disturbing and eye-opening look at the post-breakup healing process. The combination of violent imagery, poignant narration, and acute sound design construct a unique, tangible representation of one’s incorporeal inner struggle.

Review by Jane Ching:

"I Killed You a Dozen Times expertly uses the power of visual language and sound to communicate complex emotions and experiences. Through its striking imagery and sound design, together with the emotive poetry recited by the narrator, the film masterfully portrays the agony and emotional struggles stem from toxic relationships, a subject that is often challenging to express in words. The film's ability to vividly visualize and depict such complex emotions is a testament to its remarkable use of audio-visual storytelling."

Review by Moving Body Festival:

"Dive with us into Kris De Meester and Izah Hankammer's experimental essay - I Killed You a Dozen Times. The production deals with a post-breakup trauma - a familiar theme presented in an extraordinary way that will captivate your senses and open new broad corridors of thought."

Quote by Signs of the Night Bangkok (Thai Film Archive)

“A surreal and thought-provoking experience.”

Written, cinematography, photography, edited and directed by Kris De Meester

Staged by Izah Hankammer

Assisted by Miss C 

Additional art work by Terrorista 

AI voice by Natural Reader

Music by Joo Woon Park

Produced by Kris De Meester, Maarten Cornelis, Raj Kosaraju, Sean Talo, Oriana Szwarc, Cherise Silvestri.

Film: 6 minutes 21 seconds - Shot on iPhone - English spoken.
Photo series: 17 original Polaroid based collage
 and mixed media pieces (50 x 50 cm/each).
Study: 'Study of a Killing', exhibited at Kunsthal Ghent from July 14 until September 3rd, 2023

Film & Art Festivals: 21th Signes de Nuit Paris (France), 58th Dimitria Arts Festival, 27th Videomedeja International New Media Art Festival, 17th Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival, Moving Body Festival (Varna, Bulgaria), Signs of the Night Bangkok at the Thai Film Archive, 16th Arizona Underground Film Festival, Alternating Currents at Figge Art Museum (Davenport, USA),  International Experimental Film Festival Athens (Greece)'Best Experimental Film' at Dreamachine International Film Festival (North-Hollywood, USA), Lisbon Film Rendezvous International Showcase (Portugal), Fresh Streams (Tbilisi, Georgia), Sittannavasal International Film Festival (India), 13th Pune Short Film Festival (India), Cine Paris Film Festival, 'Best Experimental Film' at Mannheim Arts & Film Festival, International Experimental Film Festival Athens (Greece), OGA Visual Art Exhibitions (Rome, Italy), 10th Goa Short Film Festival (India), 7th Festival internazionale Segni della notte (Urbino, Italy).

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