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Dry leaves will cover my name, a film by Naomie Bessirard

An apartment, in Brussels.

Florette and her cat.

Sometimes she’s home. Sometimes she’s not.

Florette spends most of her time home, in her Brussels apartment. Between household chores, reading and watching television, she leads a monotonous and solitary life. Although she has developed a unique bond with her cat Baboucha, she sorely misses human social ties. By making daily phone calls, she hopes to break away from this situation. However, her attempts are in vain. Yvonne, who used to be a close friend, suffers from memory impairment. And, above all, her son and grandchildren, whose voices she would love to hear again, appear to be unreachable. Has Florette already disappeared from everybody’s life?

Written & Directed by Naomie Bessirard

Produced by Kris De Meester (
Starring: Florette Gobert


23 minutes 32 seconds - French spoken, English subtitled

Director Statement

One day, I found myself in the apartment next to mine, which had been uninhabited for a few months. Its owner, a solitary man, had died. His wife's death had preceded his a couple of years earlier.

I walked through its silent and sparse rooms. Two armchairs, six scattered chairs and a rickety table expressed a sort of desolation. In this fallen theater of ordinary life, the dull rubbing of chairs on the carpet, the creaking of oak doors, the warm, sparkling sound of the kettle had never really ceased. I think the scenery depicts what human presence could not tell us. Space is a language.

On a console, I found pictures. I saw faces, in colors, in shades of gray, in shades of brown. Some of them seemed to have been captured a long time ago. I wondered if there is still, somewhere, someone who has seen them live. Have they been lost forever? 

And I felt uneasy. I had never seen or heard this person. Yet, I had the impression that I knew everything from this day forth.

A couple bought this apartment and renovated it. 

What remains once we’ve left?

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